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For Schools and other educational institutions:

We curate specially designed experiential programs for school students. Our experiences are based on Gardner’s 9 Multiple Intelligences, the three methods of learning (visual, auditory and kinetics) and Object based learning. These methods stimulate critical thinking, activates the right brain, encourages new attitudes and way of thinking and makes learning memorable and a whole lot of fun.

Module 1- Units of life

Age Group: 5-7th standard

Location: Vishveshwara Information and Technology Museum, Bangalore

Big or small, seen or unseen, life is all around us! This introductory module on cells, aims to get students excited about the building bricks of life. The children learn about plant and animal cells through engaging games, a treasure hunt and other fun activities. This module creatively explores the composition and role of the tiny yet vital substance that makes up all organisms.

Module 2- Earth’s Birthday, Our Birthday!

Age Group: 5-7th standard

Location: The State Archeological Museum, Bangalore

Try to imagine 4.5 billion candles on a birthday cake! In this module, Earth tells her own story and introduces big themes of geology, evolution of life and archaeology in an accessible and explorative manner. Interactive activities and creative resources allow young minds to grasp concepts involving large shifts in time and space within Earth’s history. The module also introduces the various stages of Human evolution, from developing basic tools to mastering technology.

Module 3- Machines and Me!

Age Group: 5-7th standard

Location: Vishveshwara Information and Technology Museum, Bangalore

In a time when children are growing up with more technology than ever before, this unique module on Simple Mechanics retraces mankind’s remarkable journey in developing modern technology. Attempting to facilitate children’s insight into basic physics, this module teaches them about mechanics through easy and relatable activities. The module aims to foster an appreciation of our evolution as tool-making animals, instilling awe, wonder and intrigue about the progress of human ability.

ReReeti in collaboration with Leeds Museums & Galleries is bringing an exciting project on World War 1 to Indian schools. This project will primarily talk about India’s and especially Bangalore’s contribution to the WW1. Do get in touch with us in case you would like us to bring this project to your school.

For Individuals and families

  • E2connect

We curate experiences that feature highly interactive games and creative tasks that bring the entire family together. We believe in the motto: The family that plays together, stays together! Our list of cultural activities is very well received. Adults and kids equally enjoy participating in these activities.

These activities are usually hosted twice a year during school holidays.

  • Cultural ambassadors

We mentor teens interested in history, culture and heritage to nurture their interests. Designing learning programs within museums and art galleries go beyond being a set of mere educational activities for kids. Learners get hands-on experience with reasoning and analytical skills, research and writing, photography and video, and presentation and oratory skills. This program is offered only once a year.

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