Museums and Heritage Sites

  • One of the main challenges that modern art galleries and museums in India face are how to increase visitors.  We work with museums and galleries across India to plan strategy, design systems and implement programmes to increase audience engagement and museum visibility. We are confident that a long-term engagement results in increase in visitors’ footfall as well as donations.

Hence our belief is in the ‘Outward In’ approach understands the museum’s target audience and their needs (outside) and works towards fulfilling them (inside).

We partner with relevant organizations and use appropriate software to help tie our efforts together and gain better results.

  • We also organise workshops in the area of audience development, visitor outreach and communications strategy for professionals working in art galleries and museums in India.  These capacity building workshops combine best practices, theory and hands on project. Professionals from all types of museums can participate. The workshops cover a wide range of topics from Collection Management, Preservation and Care to Operations/Administration as well as Financial Management and Digital Marketing.
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