A child finds an old trunk which is full of old and strange objects and letters. To find out more about these, the child asks the Grandfather. Join Putta in this exploration to find out what these objects signified in the Great War that changed the world so significantly. Discover the role people from Mysore State and Bengaluru played being so far away from the theatres of war.

Entrenched, the travelling exhibition is designed to give a sensory peek into the life of an Indian soldier in the trenches. The Exhibition covers various aspects of the war in Bengaluru – warfare, weaponry, popular culture through engaging, interactive and immersive experiential rooms and tunnels.

Next public viewing

We are happy to invite you to the second public viewing of our traveling exhibition ‘Entrenched’- Indian in WWI an interactive experiential exhibition on India’s contribution to the WWI.

After a successful run of more than 6 months through schools of Bangalore, the exhibition has been viewed by over 15000 visitors and has received an overwhelming response. Winning the Best Graduate project at NID Ahmedabad and all the kind words of the visitors have been gratifying. Now we’re ready to open it up for the Public this weekend!
We look forward to your presence to experience this journey first-hand!!

Date: 29 to 31st March’19
Venue: Orion East Mall, Dodda Banaswadi Main Road
Timings: 11am – 9pm

Please post your queries at info@rereeti.org


What is the theme of the exhibition?

The theme of the exhibition is about a child who discovers a trunk full of old things and is now asking the adults in the family where these things come from and what is the story behind them. These objects contain old letters, uniform, a gas mask and pictures.

How would one understand the exhibition?

The exhibition is designed into 6 spaces and 3 tunnels which explores various aspects of the First World War to gain a better understanding of the events as well as the experiences of the soldiers who fought at the front. The exhibition pays special attention to the voluntary contributions of the Bangalore Cantonment and the Mysore state to the war efforts.

The content of the panels is self-explanatory and there are easy-to-understand descriptions and infographics to guide you through the exhibition.

What is the need for such an exhibition?

This year is being celebrated as the centenary year of the Great War fought from 1914-18. Across the world, various events and exhibitions are being organized to commemorate the First World War.

Entrenched – a travelling exhibition is our attempt to bring a global event back home to understand, appreciate and acknowledge the huge role that our country had to play in it. It is an attempt to give students, history enthusiasts, teachers and public an immersive, engaging and interactive experience through a unique way of approaching and understanding Indian history.

And we believe it is important to understand the past to understand the present and plan the future.

Are the objects displayed originals?

The objects displayed are not originals due to security reasons. The models, drawings have been co-curated with 90 students from the partner schools. The content setting, placement, dialogues, design, layout, the concept is original.

Where can I view the exhibition?

As and when the exhibition travels to its next location, we update it on our website as well as on our social media pages. Stay tuned! Entrenched may be coming to your part of the town very soon!