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July 2015

How Scotland’s Local Museums Contribute to Better Societies

How Scotland’s Local Museums Contribute to Better Societies

If museums are to become spaces of inspiration and delight, they need to work towards creating public value and lasting sustainability, writes Joanne Orr. Image: Johnshaven Heritage Trust Lifeboat House Community Hub. Picture courtesy Joanne Orr. Museums and Pubic Value – Creating Sustainable Futures, which has previously been referenced on Rereeti Homepage blog by John Reeve, is a publication that I contributed to …

Interpreting History through Archives

An archivist breathes life into inanimate records and helps us to understand our present more comprehensively, writes corporate archivist Sanghamitra Chatterjee. An overview of exhibition titled ‘Pirojshanagar: Then and Now’ curated by Godrej Archives on the 60th anniversary of the Godrej township in Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli. Image courtesy: Godrej Archives I have been an archivist with Godrej Archives since its inception in 2006. Being …

Ensuring Sustainability for Museums through the Public Value Approach

Museums and Public Value, edited by Carol A Scott (Ashgate, 2013), posits that “adopting a public value approach to managing museums and their programming leads to long term public engagement and support”. Image: British Museum, photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons Public value has become part of museum language as for other public services, and Museums and Public Value helps us understand why …

Museums as Harbingers of Public Values

How do we create public value? According to Mark H. Moore, the Hauser Professor of Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University, governments and institutions work together with the shared purpose of creating value that would benefit the general public.