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June 2015

Does Space Impact The Perception of Art?

Does Space Impact The Perception of Art?

Does the space within which an artwork is exhibited “change” the work, or have an impact on the way it is received? Parvathi Nayar explores. Image: Museum of Modern Art, New York.Having exhibited in a variety of venues, from gallery to public spaces to museums, it’s interesting to note that each venue represents a different journey in terms of the experience, …

What Makes Art Galleries and Museums Different From Each Other?

Goa-based art historian and curator Lina Vincent Sunish reflects on the distinctive roles of museums and art galleries, highlighting their functional and aesthetic aspects for visitors. Image: Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai Since the turn of the new millennium, the debate on curatorial practices has been steadily growing around the world, and especially in India, which saw a rise in …