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May 2015

Understanding the Future of Museums

I imagine a future where citizens can access a digital platform to view a museum’s collection as well as the annotations, recordings and significant narratives curated by their ancestors…

Museums in Independent India

The main objective was to display, preserve and document the rich cultural heritage of the entire county, now free from colonial rule, including the conservation and protection of the handlooms, handicrafts, art and palatial treasures, as well as folk and ethnographic artifacts of the region in which the museums are based.

Janapada Loka Museum: Preserving Folk Life in Contemporary India

This folk museum on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway is the only cultural center in the state of Karnataka to preserve and promote the rituals, customs and living traditions of India’s villages. Janapadaloka, a folk cultural center housing indoor and outdoor museums and humming with folk cultural activities, was founded by late H.L. Nagegowda with the intention of preserving and promoting the …

The Museums of India During Colonial Rule

In the second part of the Museums in India Series, Poulomi Das explores how museums thrived in pre-Independent India. Image: The Indian Museum in Kolkata, 1907. Photo courtesy: Popular Science Monthly, Volume 71, Wikimedia. The Indian Museum in Calcutta (read about the earliest collections), which was established in 1814, heralded a museum movement in India, with the British building new museums in …