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March 2015

Writing Text for Museums: Talking to Your Visitors

How can curators draft engaging labels, without distracting visitors with too much information about the objects? In part 1 of this post, Lucy Harland writes about the fine art of signage. Image: Visitors at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam | Photo courtesy: Lucy Harland. If you’ve ever visited a museum, it’s almost certain that you have read an object label or …

How Can Museums Do More With Less Objects?

Most museums the world over have too much on show – they are indigestible and overpowering. Recent exhibitions and new installations in London show a welcome trend to do more with less in terms of objects, and to engage the emotions as much as the minds of visitors. ‘Germany: Memories of a Nation – A 600-year history in objects,’ an …

How to leverage Museums to plan Learning Activities for Kids

Informal learning in museums focuses on the choices an individual makes and decide what, when and how they want to learn. Knowledge is actively constructed within a social and cultural framework where there is not one truth but something waiting to be discovered.